Allen Carr knew, as his method became more popular he would not be able to cure the millions of people his organisation now cures worldwide on his own. He also knew that he would not live forever and just as when Alexander Fleming died people did not stop using penicillin, so when Allen died people would not stop using his method.

Allen set up a rigourous training programme for new therapists to help him achieve his goal to cure the world of smoking, during and long after he had gone.

Allen Carr therapists were heavy smokers who quit with the method themselves. Allen ensured that only the cream of the candidates were certificated by means of a stringent vetting programme as he knew that one poorly performing therapist could ruin in weeks a reputation it took him nearly 25 years to build.

The magic is in the method - Allen Carr

Allen insisted that he would never allow a potential therapist to qualify unless he was absolutely convinced that they would get a success rate at least equal to his own.

All of our therapists are MAACTI qualified, Members of the Association of Allen Carr Therapists International and this honour is currently bestowed upon less than 20 people in the UK.

You can be assured that when you attend an Allen Carr session you WILL see someone who...

You will NOT see someone who...


Usually, people continue to smoke because they fear living their lives in a state of constant deprivation, or worry that they won't be able to handle the terrible withdrawal period.

Using the World Famous Allen Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking method we remove all the myths about the benefits or pleasures of smoking and consequently all the fears about life without smoking are taken away. During the session you will realise that there is nothing of value to give up, and therefore, you will not feel that you have to live the rest of you life feeling deprived. Instead you will be relieved to be free.

Our method can work for any kind of smoker. Whether you are young, not so young, a heavy smoker, a light or casual smoker, a binge smoker, a secret smoker, our method can work for you!!!!

We don't use lasers, patches, gum or other nicotine containing products. There are no shock tactics, no gimmicks, tricks or false props. We don't even talk about the health scares. Best of all, you will not need willpower. In fact most of our clients say they found it not only easy to quit but they actually enjoyed the whole process of stopping.

We guarantee that you are in good hands, if you are still unsure and would like to know more, call us on 01270 664176 for a no obligation discussion.

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